My games

[Feb 2018: Oh hey! I don’t update this website much any more. If you’re interested in keeping up with my current projects, check out my official business website instead – Rowan, Rook and Decard.]

I write roleplaying games for a living. If you’re interested in supporting me, please throw a few dollars my way in exchange for one of the below PDFs or contribute to my Patreon, where I release innovative one-page RPGs. You can also follow me on Kickstarter to stay informed of any bigger projects I’m involved in. If you’re interested in working on a game together, or you’d like some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me at



UNBOUND. A group-led universal worldbuilding game, that sees the story and the setting created seamlessly alongside the characters. Jam-packed with absurdly beautiful art from Adrian Stone. Buy a PDF here.

ROYAL BLOOD. A one-shot heist game. YOU are a Royal – half-magic, half-human. You’re one of the court cards from the tarot deck – the impetuous Princess of Wands, the calculating Knight of Pentacles, the empire-building Queen of Wands, and so on. You use magic like a brick through the window of the world. Gorgeous layout by Banana Chan. Buy it here.

GOBLIN QUEST. Kid-friendly freewheeling slapstick comedy violence RPG where each player controls five goblins (in sequence, not in parallel), most of whom will die whilst attempting to achieve even the simplest of tasks. Contains beautiful full-colour art from Jon Morris, Tim Wilkinson Lewis and Iguanamouth and seven rules hacks including Sean Bean Quest, Regency Ladies: The Roleplaying Game and SPACE INTERNSBuy it as a PDF here, or purchase a hard copy here.

ONE LAST JOB. You’re washed-up, down on your luck, and wishing for a break. Luckily, someone turns up on your doorstep and makes you an offer – one last job that will set you up for life. Shame the rest of the crew is made up of people who hate you ever since what happened during The Incident. Best of luck. Buy it here.

THE HOMECOMING COLLECTION. Four strange games I wrote as part of a bet. One of them involves wearing as many hats as possible and building dice towers to summon unimaginable magical power. Pay-what-you-want to download it here.

HAVOC BRIGADE. A mob of the noisiest orcs available has been chosen to infiltrate a heavily-guarded human city and kidnap a foppish prince. What on earth could go wrong? Comes with pre-gen characters and a city map by George Seed. Pay-what-you-want to download it here.

WARRIOR POET. You are heartbreakingly beautiful samurai mages who fall in and out of love across the distant and crumbling Empire of the Moon. Uses haiku-writing as a core conflict resolution mechanic. Pay-what-you-want to download it here. Download these beautiful fan-made Character playsheets and Emperor sheet to help you play.


HONEY HEIST. A game in which you play a criminal bear with two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR. Get it here.

WE THAT REMAIN. A Survival Horror RPG about secrets. Played with a single deck of cards. Get it here.

ADVENTURE DICE. Cut out and build your own special dice to tell a story without any numbers or words. Great for kids! Get it here.

THE GOLDEN SEA. Set out on a voyage across the dune ocean in search of justice and profit while strange goddesses slumber beneath the sands. Get it here.

THE WITCH IS DEAD. Your mistress was a beautiful and wise witch, and someone killed her, and now it’s time for you and the other adorable magical woodland creatures to exact a bloody revenge. Contains strong language. Get it here.

EXODUS. Leave home and destroy everything around you. Get it here.

FORCE BLADE PUNK. You are a murderpop teenage superstar, fighting with vibroknives and explosive brass knuckles for love, honour and sponsorship deals. Get it here.

THE GUILD OF ORPHEUS. An RPG that a) fits on a sheet of A5 paper and b) uses a single D3 for resolution. Won the Contessa Microgame of Stupefying Wonder Contest. You play a cleric-mage of Orpheus, and you battle agents of the Red Druid. Get it here.

DOCTOR MAGNETHANDS. Written, playtested, and played drunk. I have not been sober at any point I have interacted with this game, and neither have any of the players. Played live on stage two years running at Nine Worlds Geekfest in London to sold-out rooms; so popular that – without my knowledge – a second, bootleg edition of the event called Doctor Andy Magnets ran alongside it to take care of surplus attendees. Get it here.

DRUNKEN BEAR FIGHTER. Play agents of an elite bear-fighting force (the RDBFO) and fight drunken bears. Written in under an hour in 2007. Barely functional. Bizarrely popular. Please do not play this game. Get it here.

HEY KIDS, LET’S ALL MEET THE GIN WIZARD. Competitive dress-up themed around rubbish magicians. I have never won a game of this. Get it here.