Drunken Bear Fighter: An RPG I wrote

I fear nothing else I do will have the impact on the world that Drunken Bear Fighter has.

Knocked up in 45 minutes after I got home from class in my third year of uni, Drunken Bear Fighter was a response to a challenge – could you write a one-page tabletop RPG in under an hour? – that sort of challenge, the one that makes me roll up my sleeves and really start procrastinating until I forget to do it entirely. But this time, I did it.

And – weirdly – it went well. For a stupid game about fighting drunken bears as part of the Russian Drunken Bear Fighting Organisation (or RDBFO, pronounced “Rudbeefo”, for short) it’s gathered a weird amount of support; people played it on 4chan’s /tg/ without me knowing about it (and on other forums), rules variants were written, a man cited it as part of his RPG experience, and it was (briefly!) floated as the basis for a BBW-fetish forum game (incredibly NSFW, obviously).

It’s been passed around the basement of the internet like a bong whenever someone says “Does anyone have a rules-lite RPG that I can play?” I’m kind of proud. It rolls a lot of my philosophy about tabletop games – that they should be fun, that the rules should barely exist, that no-one should ever take themselves seriously – into one poorly-thought-out package.

If you’d like to play DBF, I really can’t recommend it. But I also can’t stop you. “Full” rules are below; click on them for the A4 size. You can also download them as a PDF from the awesome 1KMKT.com.

The full text of Drunken Bear Fighter, minus my name, because they always remove the name