Doctor Magnethands is a game where you play superheroes looking to save the world from destruction by stopping the devious Doctor Magnethands from firing his rocket-powered radioactive castle on the moon into the White House on CHRISTMAS EVE.

I’ve probably played more games of Doctor Magnethands than any other game, unless you count every edition of Dungeons and Dragons together and even then it’s pretty close. Doctor Magnethands is my stupid game for drunk people that’s been developed over years of playtesting, and by playtesting, I mean endlessly streamlining it so I can play it drunker and drunker.

It’s here, after three years of doing the RPG night circuit in London and Norwich. This, at the end of the day, is what I enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Doctor Magnethands

  • This isn’t a game. What is this? It doesn’t even have numbers in it. This isn’t really ANYTHING

    Also, what are the odds that a man with the surname ‘Magnethands’ would actually end up having magnets for hands, that seems like too much of a coincidence to me

  • Tosterz says:

    I will play this. I will play this forever. Thank you for improving my life. I can’t wait to play this. It’s beautiful.

  • Gort says:

    Unfortunately, every game of Dr. Magnet hands ends with robots and inappropriate touching.

    As a robot I must take offense that all your games are constantly depicting robots only as sexual playthings! I could understand this sort of thing in the 70s, when the beautiful relationship between Johnny Socko and his robot was depicted as nothing more than a virile pedophile and a young asian boy, but the fact that such things continue in this day and age, leave me no choice but to write a strongly worded letter to my Senator’s wife!

    I have no choice but to put this matter up for endless and tiresome debate on

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