Hearty Dice Friends: Episode 1

Join Grant and Chris for their sage and erudite advice on roleplaying, every week, from now until they run out of things to talk about. This week: outrageous NPCs, the problem with rules, Bugs Bunny having sex with himself, the Monopoly Metagame and MANY MORE.

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5 responses to “Hearty Dice Friends: Episode 1”

  1. Sam Avatar

    Jesus, that image is terrifying.

  2. Naldo Kud Avatar
    Naldo Kud

    Hey Grant! Could you give a download link for the épisode so that de could listen to it offline on phone please?

    1. grant Avatar

      Yes, hello! Here’s a soundcloud link with a download: https://soundcloud.com/hearty-dice-friends/episode-1-bugs-bunny-luck-voices

      We’re also on iTunes podcasts, if that’s of any use to you.

  3. Yeckim Esoum Avatar
    Yeckim Esoum

    Thanks Grant! Love your stuff, keep up the good work!

  4. Skeleven Avatar

    Spent ages contemplating the Roadrunner and all I’ve been able to decide is that it comes across to me as an embodiment of The Chariot combined with The Magician (to use the major arcana)

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