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Here’s the deal – you’re a God. As Gods do, you make the world with your friends – the other Gods – but then a Calamity strikes and your power is shattered, you’re cast out of Heaven, and stuck on earth in a mortal form. The only way back is to rebuild what you once had bit by bit and wrest what’s left off the bastards who stole it from you.

FALLEN is a GMless storytelling game designed to be played in a single night by four players. At present it’s in a playtest state, so it’s a little rough around the edges but still fun to play.

If you’re interested in playing or taking a look at FALLEN, download it here.

VERSION 1.3 UPDATE (5 Mar 2013)

– Some actual layout done, shifted to A5 booklet format

VERSION 1.2 UPDATE (4 Mar 2013)

– Difficulty numbers tweaked

– Theme tables expanded

– History of Conflict rules Added

– Character sheet added

If you play or have any thoughts, please get in touch at gshowitt AT gmail DOT com to let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “FALLEN: A game of crawling back to Heaven

  • Liam says:

    I’ve now been in three games of Fallen, all of which had very different types of ‘Gods’ in very different settings. My favourite so far has been ‘unknowable alien beings’ in a ‘Modern Suburban’ setting, with the theme of ‘Death’ and the twist of ‘Blood’. The hardest to make a world for was a ‘preindustrial’ civilisation with Gods that were’ Parts of the same being’ all set in ‘A single human being’. The theme of ‘Magic’ and the twist of ‘Fire’ were played to the hills.

  • Nick says:

    This looks pretty cool, I can’t wait to give it a shot with some of my friends! It’s a really original idea that I think will play very well.

    The rules could maybe use a little more clarification on the dice-rolling, though; I was finding myself scroll through the doc a few times to figure out how things work. Just to make sure I’m understanding it properly: whenever a character utilizes an existing Facet, they roll a single die and take the result. The only exception is if Boon or Bane dice are used: if the former, you choose the single die you want; if the latter, you take the lowest result. Correct?

    • grant says:

      That’s correct. The rules-as-written are a little rough and I’m currently going through feedback from a playtest group to make it better, but they should function fine for a game. Do let me know how it goes if you manage to get a game in.

  • RustedKitsune says:

    Hey, the link isn’t working. Are you still allowing the game to be distributed, or have you taken it down for some reason?

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