GOBLIN QUEST – Playtesters wanted!

GOBLIN QUEST is a game of unskilled creatures failing to achieve basic tasks in a variety of fatal ways. In a world of orcs, hobgoblins, wizards, war and adventure, you play five desperate goblins (each) in search of fame, glory and honour. You’ll decide on your own Quest – like Claim a Trophy from The War, Steal a Great Treasure, Make a Tasty Meal, Try Not to Die Tomorrow – do your best to achieve it, and mourn the fallen.

There will be a lot of fallen.

This short, rules-light RPG is in need of tinkering and fine-tuning, so I’m opening it up to playtest. While I’ll be running sessions whenever I’m able, I’d love for people to try it out and get back to me with what they think.

Download the full playtest pack for Goblin Quest HERE. Contains art by me and the superior @twl_corinthian of Zombie LARP and Yes, Hive Overlord fame. If you just want the rules PDF and none of the other stuff, click here.

After a year and a half of playtesting, I’m Kickstarting Goblin Quest!

DISCLAIMER: So there’s a book called Goblin Quest, apparently, which my game is absolutely nothing to do with whatsoever. I mean, aside from the bit where Goblins go on Quests. So there are similarities. Anyway: not affiliated in any way.


6 responses to “GOBLIN QUEST – Playtesters wanted!”

  1. twl_corinthian Avatar

    I cannae seem to doonload it. Is there anything less rubbish than Rapidshare that I could get it from?

    1. grant Avatar

      Curious. I’ll set up an alternate host (anything you would recommend?) but in the meantime I’ll just send you it

  2. Leo Marshall Avatar
    Leo Marshall

    Yeah, my operating system (W7) don’t take to it neither.

    1. grant Avatar

      Sorry Leo, I can send you the files directly if you’d like

  3. luke Avatar

    Are the Playtest rules removed now? Can’t seem to download them.

    1. grant Avatar

      Aye, they are that, the game’s finished. It’s available for purchase here: http://gshowitt.itch.io/goblin-quest

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