Goblin Quest: UPDATED!

Want to play as five short-lived incompetent Goblins? You've come to the right place. Now with rules for Being a Dog and Lucky Ears!

Earlier this year I wrote Goblin Quest, a game about small, fatally inept creatures struggling to achieve even the simplest of tasks. After feedback from playtesters, I’ve now released an updated version which, I believe, is slightly better than the first one. This new version comes with:

1. Marginally improved layout! (It still sucks, if anyone feels like laying it out better than I have I’d be endlessly thankful)

2. Rules for playing on after all five of your Goblins are killed in entirely preventable accidents, including Being a Dog!

3. Rules for Lucky Ears, giving your Goblins a tiny sliver of agency!

4. Improved GMless play, in that I rewrote it with GMless play in mind rather than just adding it on as an afterthought!

5. Exhaustive and fully updated list of playtesters!

It’s still in playtest, of course, and will be until I can get the numbers down and some semi-professional art in the margins. If you’re interested in playing Goblin Quest, I’d love to hear from you. By all accounts it’s pretty good fun. One playtest group ate an entire horse! Wouldn’t you want to do that? Of course you would. Give it a go.

Download the Goblin Quest playtest pack here

Download just the rules PDF here, if you’re on a smartphone or something

After a year and a half of playtesting, I’m Kickstarting Goblin Quest!