One Last Job is out now!

My new tabletop RPG, One Last Job, is available to download. As ever, I don’t charge for my games, but you can donate whatever you feel the book is worth. (About a fiver, I reckon.)

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(If you don’t have Paypal, but you still want to donate, here’s a link to a Gumroad page where you can use a credit card.)

One Last Job is a game about playing desperate, unlucky individuals on one last job that’ll set them up for life. Every single facet of your character is defined by the other players during play as they insult you and load you up with scars, legends, and problems. If you want to learn more about the game, here’s a hype piece I wrote that outlines the mechanics and why it’s awesome; and here’s a video, done as part of my Patreon pledges, in which I talk about how the game works and why I wrote it.

one last job cover art

The default setting is one about professional criminals – as the brilliant cover art by Greg Blackman heavily implies – but it’s flexible enough to tell a story in any setting so long as it’s about a group of people looking to achieve a difficult, specific goal. I’ve seen it run Superheroes, Post-Apocalypse, Space Opera, Battle of the Bands, Royal Assassinations, and Cyberpunk; I reckon it’d handle Regency Ladies pretty well, too.

Right, that’s it – download it, play it, and let me know how it goes! If you like my games, download the others here, or consider becoming a patron of mine on Patreon to encourage me to make more of ’em.