Goblin Quest v3 now available for playtest

There's a new table in it, and one of the results is: "Ants! Thousands upon thousands of ants!" How can you not want to play that?

After a month of feedback from playtesters, the latest version of Goblin Quest is available to download. Here are some changes:

– New Misfortunes table ensures that nothing goes to plan, ever

– Lucky Ears reduced from two per Goblin to one, actual number of ears per goblin unchanged

– New section on a variety of GM or demi-GM roles

– Redesigned character sheet (not that you’d notice)

– Quest creation section rewritten to be slightly clearer

If you’d like to play, go for it, and tell me what you thought of the game. This is probably the last draft before I get Tim to do some proper drawings and then lay out the book all fancy, like, then charge people money to see it.

Here’s a link to the full playtest pack.

Here’s a link to the updated PDF, if you’re on a phone or something.

After a year and a half of playtesting, I’m Kickstarting Goblin Quest!