Photograph by Khalile Siddiqui

Podcasts, eh? They’re easy. Well. They’re possible.

I’ve been wanting to “do” a podcast for a while, so when Chris Taylor of increasingly-defunct games blog DeadChannel¬†came over for the day, I decided to go for it and record us playing a game.

The gist of it is this: we play terrible old games (mainly on the PS2) and take the piss out of them live* on air. It’s pretty basic stuff.

It’s not bad! Well, it’s a bit strange, to be honest, and could probably do with some video support (although I figure the lack of visuals is what’s giving us something of a USP at the present time) but it’s a first go, and I’m not entirely unhappy about it. More soon, and we’ll improve as we go. The link to our SoundCloud page is below, for the purposes of listening.

Bad Old Games Episode One: America’s Ten Most Wanted by Bad Old Games

* Not actually live

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